Currently accepting clients who are residents of Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas.

Introduction to Branches Therapy Network, PC


Welcome to Branches Therapy Network! We’re glad you are exploring distance counseling. 

If you have never used distance counseling (tele-counseling, telehealth, etc.), you may have questions.  Below are some highlights about distance counseling, and Branches Therapy Network. Feel free to visit our FAQ page as well (link below).

Distance Counseling requires use of audio/video equipment (webcam, smart phone, tablet, etc.) to interact with your Branches therapist during sessions. Many insurance carriers cover this. It must be noted that not all persons, or illnesses, are compatible with distance counseling. However, the overwhelming majority of people can be served easily. Branches even offers complimentary assistance for those who may need some technological assistance.

By using distance counseling, working with Branches can allow you to be in a location that is convenient and comfortable for you. Many clients (rural, non-mobile, busy, etc.) find this allows them to participate in counseling if they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Branches staff are available evenings and weekends! This is to meet the needs of our clients, hopefully allowing many people access who wouldn’t have access otherwise. If you work days, you can now save the benefit time you would have used for traditional appointments and schedule your session in the evening.

Branches offers multiple session intervals and methods. Online sessions range from 15-45 minutes and we offer phone sessions as well. Keep in mind, insurance doesn’t usually reimburse for phone sessions (audio only) even if they do cover distance counseling (telehealth). We also offer texting/e-mail services but this is to augment other services so pricing is not listed.

Finally, as a Branches client you will have access to past “Seeds” postings (our blog) and be provided topical videos as needed to aid in your wellness. Branches is committed to providing competent, current, therapeutic interventions and works to meet client needs.

If you have additional questions about distance counseling in general or would like to schedule an appointment, complete the contact form on this website or call 833-227-2624 (833-2-BRANCH).

FAQ Page